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Node.JS Meet-up


Node.JS Meet-up

  • 28 Nov 2018
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NTS hosted a full day hands-on workshop and Meetup on “Build a Web App from Scratch with Node.js” on 10 November, 2018. This Meetup was a hands-on workshop for individuals who are new to Node.Js and need to begin learning Node.Js, Express.Js and MongoDB.


Mr. Arvind Padmanabhan from Devopedia was the speaker for the event and we started the event with a welcome by Mr. Nagaraj Nagabushanam (Director – Digital and Data) and Mr. Mohan Raj (Senior Engineer Lead – Product Development) from NTS.

Arvind spoke about 6 different topics

  1. Introduction to Node.js
  2. Create a simple website
  3. Introduction to Express.Js
  4. A blogging site
  5. Implement the blogging site
  6. Deployment

This meetup session was very informative as we shared more detail on Node.Js, Express.Js, and MongoDB to build a complete web application from scratch and also the gained knowledge about important parts of Node.Js and Express.js.

The main goal of this Meetup group was to form a community for Node.Js. Most technical companies now use Node.Js in some way and the demand is growing with every new framework and Node.Js release. We want to be a place where any developer can come for advice, to show off what we’re working on and to talk about the news in the wider Node.Js community.


I always liked the Devopedia workshops, apart from that NTS’s good welcome, the office space and good lunch too. ~Narendra

It’s a good session for beginners to Nodejs like me. The way Arvind explained should be appreciated. He explained the common failure scenario (like how asynchronous call failed to return the list) and then giving the solution to that really gives more understanding. This way we learn about why we do this instead of learning just the working code.

Thanks Neeraj for hosting.


It was a great event organised by Devopedia and NTS. I just love the technology and love more the way how Arvind Padmanabhan explains everything so easily and smoothly involving everyone along with him. The ambience was great to set the mood to learn and share the thoughts and the NTS team was very helpful in explaining about the issues with the setup and understandings. Also, thanks to NTS for arranging lunch.

~ Deepti Aggarwal

Neeraj, thank you for hosting the meetup. Appreciate the gesture and loved your office. Would love to attend future events that happen at NTS.

~ Arvind Kumar


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