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  • 20 May 2019
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Making NTS a great place to work!

We started this year with a focus on wanting to make this a truly great place to work. an initiative called “Fun@Work” began as a structured approach to creating fun on the floor.

The initiative got off to a flying start with more than 50% of the NTS Digital team members volunteering to be part of the team. Three different tracks were identified to address Cultural events, Sports events and Knowledge sharing and enhancement events. The volunteer committee also included representatives from the HR, Admin and facilities teams. The team proudly named themselves the “Cheerleaders”! 

Since inception, the team has created quite a buzz on the floor. Each of the tracks have successfully conducted events which saw massive participation and energy on the floor. The first event was a pool championship, conducted by the sports track committee. This was a week long event culminating in an intensely competitive final match. The final match day was also accompanied with some great music and singing by team members. The knowledge sharing team initiated and managed the soft skills program with the objective of training team members on cross cultural sensitivity, Inter personal skills and communication skills. The program was a huge success with more than 100 team members participating in a 10 week long program. The results of this program are already seen in the form of better communication and collaboration with stakeholders.Not to be left behind, the cultural track team organised a highly informative and energetic “Treasure Hunt” on the floor. 

The team is currently drawing up the entire years calendar of events and looks forward to creating, participating and living with more Fun@Work!! 


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