NTS’ product engineering talent in the digital stream focus on web publishing platforms, mobile application development, and publishing systems applications.


NTS delivers WordPress to power one of NewsUK’s widest-consumed brands - The Sun - in a headless architecture, i.e. WordPress is used as an authoring and content management system with a separate Javascript rendering layer to deliver the website. NTS also has a specialist titles team, powering some of NewsUK’s most respected websites such as the Times Literary Supplement and Style Play and Driving. This team works on full- stack WordPress, i.e. WordPress all the way from authoring to rendering.

NTS delivers native Android and iOS mobile apps for NewsUK’s The Sun. In addition, NTS has a large team of developers supporting Reel, News Corp’s internal mobile publishing framework. The Reel currently powers 14 brands’ apps (both Android and iOS), with more on the way.

NTS’ Publishing systems team manages, maintains and extends NewsUK’s Methode installation, which is a content creation and layout tool for print and digital publications. In addition, this team also supports other publishing system applications such as CHP, News UX, Karma, Newsway X, Hannibal.

NTS’ digital operations team offers 24x7 support for the various NewsUK publishing system applications including Methode, WordPress, and Mobile.


NTS’ data engineering talent in the data stream focus on data pipelining - collection, ingestion, transformation and enrichment, prep and distribution - for data platforms and products.


NTS has two data product teams - the INCA team for News UK's newsroom analytics reporting and the DASH team for Dow Jones’ campaign reporting to advertising clients. The INCA team offers two flavours - one as a chrome extension and another as a dashboard/studio. DASH’s reporting is delivered through Tableau. NTS's team does end-to-end pipeline engineering as well as report delivery.

NTS has a team working on NewsUK’s data platforms with current efforts focusing on a Unified Data Platform. NTS also has separate teams working on NewsID - News Corp’s data platform for user analytics, and NewsIQ, News Corp’s data platform for powering its AdTech respectively.

NTS has a team of data scientists working to better engage and monetize NewsUK’s audiences. The team works on engagement challenges such as article recommendations for newsletters and monetization challenges such as propensity to churn. While NewsUK has a dedicated Data Science team, there are data scientists at NTS who are embedded in various other data teams such as NewsIQ and NewsID.

Infrastructure Operations

NTS provides Reliable & Efficient IT Infrastructure Management Services to various News Corp companies such as Dow Jones, News UK & News Corp Australia. NTS’ IT Infrastructure runs Business Applications that enable News Corp companies to deliver various products such as Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Factiva, New York Post, The Sun, The Times, The Australian.

Infrastructure operations

NTS’ EOC team performs monitoring of all IT Infrastructure components and services running on them 24/7/365 with the objective of detecting & repairing any abnormalities before it disrupts any Business Services.

The key objective of the NTS’ Service Assurance services is to ensure that IT Service is available to Business at all times.

NTS’ Cloud Operations team installs, configures and operates a hybrid environment comprising of on premise private cloud and virtual private cloud on providers such as AWS, Azure & GCP.

NTS’ IT Service Management & Site Reliability tools team maintains, configures and improves the tools used to manage various IT services. Remedy on Demand, Truesight & New Relic are some of the tools that are currently managed by the team.

NTS’ Network & Security team is responsible for ensuring communication between various line of business applications are available in the most secure manner. They design, build and operate the global networks for the various line of businesses.

NTS General Operations

All support functions to News Corp Businesses are categorised under General Operations COE. This includes HR, Administration, and Finance.

NTS general operations

Human Resources & Admin - The HR & Admin center of excellence (COE) teams are an integral part of NTS's cultural. The center of excellence includes Talent acquisition, HR Operations, HR generalist, Pay & Benefits and general administration.

Finance & Legal teams are an essential part of our organization. The business function of a finance team covers wide range of activities of NTS Financial Management, Planning & Analysis, Budgeting, Audit & Compliance, Revenue Assurance, Contracts & Legal, Transfer Pricing, Accounting and Treasury.

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