In NTS, we believe in alleviating troubles and burdens that our employees face. We live and breathe along the lines of compassion and understanding of basic needs, and we understand we do, the basic needs of men and women alike. Here in this article, we talk about understanding a fundamental necessity that women should have – working from home when stricken by the cyclic cramps that periods force them to live with.

In NTS, we have, amongst many policies, the “WFHFW” policy. Say what? It’s the “Work From Home For Women” policy. Duh! 😉


Work From Home!

What is WFHFW?

Here, every teams’ manager is requested to be considerate when biological hindrances threaten to hamper the optimal functioning of the women who work under them. Hence, if a woman of NTS requests for a day of work from home owing to periods, their managers grant them just that.

The WFHFW policy has wholly enriched facets of our people in many, many ways, and is loved by the women of NTS. Let’s have a look at what some of our people have to say about it, shall we?

Thoughts on WFHFW

Says Alingmei Kamei,

“When I want to desperately not face the Bangalore traffic – or any traffic for that matter, for reasons borne out of irritability, WFHFW comes to my rescue. When one is down but wants to work, traffic is the last thing they’d want to see.

It reduces both the mental and physical pressure of mine. Also, WFHFW strips away a lot of stress that I will otherwise be burdened by.

With increased productivity also made possible by it, in every single way, this policy is gold!”

Somia Sahoo chips in with this little nugget:

“I like WFHFW not wholly due to it feeling like “special treatment”. It’s got almost everything to do with my being able to work with the natural rhythm of mine, and in accordance with my stamina. This I believe enhances the effectiveness and the well-being of the organization, and of course of our women!”

As Somia’s words continue to ring in our ears, Manasa Gopinath chimes in with how she perceives WFHFW to be:

“Women Work from Home Policy” – well this might sound a bit cliche or maybe feminist (which isn’t a bad thing to be), but trust me its much needed. With all the cramps outta the body’s hormonal changes, and with a body type that is abnormal and doesn’t support you to work normal, Its a much-needed break.  Not everyone really knows about a woman’s grumpy days, mood swings, not to mention the searing pain cramps put a woman in, but it’s something that should be known.

It is good to stay home, relax and work in an atmosphere that you like when down.  One’s comfort zone is all you need to deliver better work.”

Finally, Mary Jasintha opines too, regarding this policy:

“It helps in getting work done in a comfortable environment (hey! Home’s the definition of comfort zone!) when all you need is comfort to function

I’m glad we are amongst the few firms to pay heed to an often overlooked basic necessity of women”

Concluding Thoughts

It’s clear as a daylight that WFHFW is a success.
It’s clear as a daylight that NTS earnestly tries when it comes to treating people as humans with their own needs necessities, and desires for greatness begins with one little nod towards compassion.

Let us know in the comments what you feel about WFHFW.