As the first week of August dawned, the imminence of certain days of week 1 of August dawned too.

NTS, being the conglomeration of newly-made friends and families that it is, decided to let its HR and Admin teams loose to positively make a difference to the week, pertaining to the same. Hence, the Twins Day celebratory idea was born. Hence, the celebration of the Friendship Day was .. born. Born they were on the same day.


Yes, we were aware of the fact that the Twins Day’s 4th of August wasn’t the same as the 6th of August of Friendship Day’s, but one of our own kept repeating something that went along the lines of this:


“Brothers and sisters, my friend,

Are your first ever friends,

And just by that, your best of friends.

But friends, my brother,

Can just as easily,

Become your brothers;

Albeit from other mothers”

So, since this made sense and since August 6th was a Sunday, both were celebrated at the same time.


The Day Itself

The 4th of August came, and along with it, to our NTS office came hoards of people, grouping themselves into twos and threes, calling themselves twins and decking themselves with clothes that looked the same. Why? The rules, that’s why.

Twin Day, Friendship Day, NTS, India

The suavest twins seen on that day!


Perplexed? Well, we at NTS decided to make it a point to make the celebrations evident and one way to make them apparent was asking people to register themselves as twins, and asking them to come on the day dressed the same.


The 4th of August came, and along with it, to our NTS office came pairs of hands adorned with friendship bands. Why? Friendship Day – and a nod to what it meant to us in our childhoods – that’s why.


The Friday, when it came to being a regular workday, was as any Friday before it was for the most part. It branched off from being a run-of-the-mill Friday by evening though, owing to quirkiness laced with the honey of cuteness. The organising committee had set up the pantry space for a little game.

The Game

“Hey twins, listen up. Each team gets to have one of its twins to pick 3 questions (folded so as to let the questions remain hidden), and the one picking the question has to answer the questions – all of which will be regarding the other twin. So, come to the stage and try and give a shot at answering questions about your twins right. Up for the challenge, eh?” asked an MC, as with the vibe of the eve, the designated twins were making noise. Raucous as a cluster of thunder were the bursts of cheers!

NTS office twins for Twin Day

These are the best “twins” of the day. Every single question – they answered correctly!

Prompt in response, to the calls of the hosts, one-by-one came teams of twins to partake in the little fun-filled fiesta that saw questions ranging from “what’s your twin’s percentage at 10th grade” to “would he/she shoot you in the legs; if so, which one first?” to “what’s their first love’s name?” amongst others.


To top it all off, one of the hosts at the end of the game of laughs and gags,  dropped this one everyone: “Cake for Friendship Day and Twins Day is about to be cut open now. Treat your tongues! Oh, and music is gonna be on now after this. Gather together and friggin’ DAAANCE!”


And so as they danced to the tune of music, friendship, and love, the night ended.

And so as the night ended, everyone rested knowing that their friendships now see a whole ‘nother dimension of love open to them, for them to feel and, well, love.