The Country Of Ours …

India is a country of immense diversity; Quite unfathomable it can be when it comes to the spectacular changes in culture it has within itself. Its splendor is truly seen when it gets stacked against some of the world’s countries that are inherently monolithic and mediocre when it comes to plurality, diversity, and culture. In many ways, our NTS (News Technology Services) is the same as India itself. Read on to know why.


The NTS Nation:

India, this bustling conglomeration of pretty much everything good about humanity, is what it is because of entities like NTS. If India is an angel, communities like NTS are the cells that make the being up. It’s safe to say that firms and people who share the Indian values are India itself, spiritually. It’s safe to say that NTS is India. A little, bustling India.

Every festival ever that’s held close to the hearts of Indians, once they come, get celebrated. The frenzy in the air during those days is palpable; the frenzy in the air is so felt that it probably has its goodness embedded in an opaque screen!

Let’s take the Onam celebrations that happened this year as an example. I wrote what is to follow as soon as the celebrations got over. Take a glance at it to get to know what it was like! 


Onam, 2017:

“As the cycle of years pedals on like a well-oiled machine that it is, it carries with itself many a passenger – every one of those passengers dwells in cycles of their own. One such sub-cycle that we look forward to with passion is the sub-cycle of festivals & holidays. Down here in Southern India, in the state of Kerala in particular, one such festival is celebrated in ways that put oft, plenty of other festivals around the world to shame. What is it?


The festival that’s synonymous with Kerala’s culture; the grand festival of Onam.

So, what exactly happened on the day?

At a time when there are firms that refuse to even acknowledge the significance of the day, we at NTS decided to not only acknowledge its significance but also to make a statement about it. So, we decided to do what we do best – celebrate the goodness, this time of Onam, in the office, where we – all in unison – were ostensibly a tribe ”vibing” with the Kerala vibe. The sixth of September hence is now in the hearts of everyone here as a day that isn’t to be forgotten.


Rangoli/Poo-kolam is an integral part of the aesthetics and the heart of the art of Onam, and we made sure to make merry with the idea of it on the day; the celebratory day. We decided to let the artists buried inside the hearts of every team out, loose. We decided that there’s going to be a rangoli competition among the teams, and seeing as ours is 24/7 office, we had to make this an event that lasted a full 24 hours! Teams of the night came in, did their jobs, and crafted their Rangolis meticulously, and teams of the day, later, did the same. Later in the day, as the eventide fell upon us, a tournament of Tug-of-war, too, happened but Rangoli first!


Curious to see some of the stories told through petals of vivid colors? Well, here you go:


Onam at NTS All the rangolis seen at the Onam at NTS Rangoli at NTS

Rajan Parasuraman, MD of NTS, posing during Onam

And finally, seen here is the MD of NTS, Rajan Parasuraman, posing with the Gen Ops team!


Iftar, 2017

They say that our pupils dilate when we see things we love. That certainly applies to, um, food; definitely, it does to biriyani – and definitely to mutton biriyani! What if, though, said biriyani gets made by people we love? Yes, the Muslim brothers of NTS joined together, and for us they made biriyani. Not just that, they made a whole host of other types of food too – including vegetarian food for those not particularly fond of biriyani fraught with meat!


With biriyani, and mutton to lay eyes on, the 400 eyes of NTS felt their pupils getting dilated.  In tables we all sat, laughing and smiling as the feast soaked in peace and love enamored us all!

Together at 7, we assembled. Together to heaven, it felt like we’d ascended. Iftar – there’s nothing like it. Near or far, there’s nothing like it.


Here is a collection of pictures from the evening that hope to tell you the tale from the evening:

NTS culture and diversity

Happiness is Iftar



Easter 2017

Anything that has to do with the Lord comes blanketed by grace, love, and heart – a good heart. The Easter of 2017, too, was the same, bereft of any difference to the Easters of the years before. The Easter at NTS this year, too, was the same as the Easter at NTS (2016). By same, I mean this: It was filled to the brim with love!

To start off, we had a competition; a game. Different people from NTS made different cakes for us to eat and rate. Hence we patiently chewed the cake pieces down and gave our ratings on those pieces. The pieces with the highest ratings were awarded, and chosen they were, much to the delight of the til-then-anonymous makers.

Then, to finish the Easter celebration off, Rajan walked up to the mic and said this: “There’s a donation box for the underprivileged. Donate as much as you can!” Immediately, the kind-hearted people of NTS got together. Immediately, the box for donation got filled to the fullest.

NTS Diversity and culture

The cakes of Easter

The Easter celebration is an interesting event, for not only was it a celebration of a culture, it also was very much a part of our CSR initiative!



Dussehra, 2017

A call was made to the cogs of the NTS wheel with something like this:

Dussehra is here…
Dandiya dance is near,
so one thing is clear ..
We are all going to DANCE!

It doesn’t matter if you’re shy ..
We are too.
But come on, you!
We’ll dance like we own the sky!

And to the call, the cogs came together.  Like with every festival at NTS, Dusserha, too, came and went with a bang!

The bang? Impromptu dances, decked up office space, impromptu songs and .. and choreographed dance that was done twice for the different teams of different shifts to see and enjoy.

The atmosphere was nigh electric, and the spark in the air was immensely tangible! Curious to see pictures from the event? Well, wait no more!

NTS culture, dusserha

Dancing like we own the sky!


We have had plenty more events of the ilk here at NTS. To know about the details of a similar event that happened recently here at NTS, follow this link:

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