The Last Week That Was:

In the week’s first installment of “absolutely awesome newcomers”, Rohit Sharma, Tamal Roy Choudhury, Godwin Robert, and Kshitij Jain were featured.

Yup. Four splendid new people.


A while later, Madhusudhan joined them, too!

There he is!


The week was dominated by the domineering excellence of two people – Salija and Somia. 

They were, simply put, the best performers of the week.

Why? Because they closed a humongous amount of positions; that’s why.


Let’s see who they are, and what they’re like, shall we?



She has as many expressions on her face as much as the number of employees she’s recruited – which is a bloody lot!

With diligence and charm, Salija scrounged for the most appropriate of people for tasks assigned to her, and boy did she deliver!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is Salija. Say hi to her. 🙂




“Smite!”, said something and gave her a few days of painful allergy, last week. However .. however, that did not deter her from doing the prolific job that she did last week.


“Allergy be damned”, perhaps was what she had in her mind as she carved a canopy herself and perched there, new people – for them to dwell in in joy!


..And this is Somia. Say hi to her too!


Ps. This is the first time, for HR, a representative blog post has been written.  The first time as NTS, that is. Make no mistake, this is first of the many, many more to come!