Compassion, integrity, and love are facets of that of the News family. NTS is no different, for the same has always been in our DNA, woven together with incomparable steely firmness. News Technology Services has since time immemorial, been with passion, into what the corporate convention calls, ”CSR”. In line with the services we’ve done to the downtrodden, we feel it’s only poetic that we are called News Technology Services!

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As an example of our CSR activities, I’d like to take you all to the 12th of July, 2017. On that day, a blood donation camp was organized by us at News Technology Services. This was orchestrated in collaboration with Narayana Hrudayalaya. In a swift, comprehensive, and hygienic a manner, the facilities were set up right here inside our office.


CSR @ NTS, Bangalore

Signboards and virtual posts of the same design started popping up everywhere within our realm, the day before the commencement of the mass blood donation.


The Blood Donation Day:

As the word on the camp being held on 12th got out, at once, hearts both inside and outside of the CSR committee of NTS that were aching for the needy, thronged to a room. The room was where the blood donation camp was set up.  This was at around 9.30 in the morning, and at the end of it all, everyone brimmed with the joy that only giving can give one.


Seen here are some of the happy givers of NTS

csr @ NTS Bangalore

The happy givers of NTS …

On the 13th of July, staff from Narayana Hrudayalaya visited us again. This time it was for the good of the souls breathing here at NTS. Technically it may or may not exactly be a part of ”Corporate Social Responsibility”, but NTS cares a lot about its own employees’ health. We really do.

Anyway, with the aid of the hospital staff, pretty much everyone from NTS checked how their basic health was. Of course, for knowing one’s own health is pivotal for the donation of blood next time!

As the adage goes, nothing is as fulfilling as giving, and same’s the case here. The kindness and goodwill – through which free-of-cost blood donation happened – that permeated the membranes of our being on the 12th of July, is something that is to be cherished for a long time, and one that is to be done again!

The Time When Our CSR Committee Cleaned Streets:

Another instance of NTS indulging in a CSR activity is the instance when our team went down to the streets of Bangalore.

By the sides of the Hosur road, there lay plenty of untended areas, oft as a sore sight for the eye. NTS hence decided to step up. This was in the January of 2017, and this was completely about brooms, hygiene, and environmental responsibility. Perched beneath this, are pics from then:


The boys and girls cleaning things up!


If you’re a bowler, clean the stumps up;
if you’re a responsible human, clean dirt up!


Another one


Yet Another Instance of CSR Expression By NTS

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

– A Chinese proverb

There’s a person who works for us as a house-keeping staff. He’s not a part of the bourgeois clan; he isn’t a part of the richer spheres. He is but a regular Indian, swimming the web of oppression. He’s a happy looking man with a family to run. Like with every family, his family too faced issues that begged for his actions. The actions, however, were beyond his powers of execution, and in need of help stood he. NTS then stepped in.

The help? Taking up the responsibility of funding the education of his kids during the year he was down the most. There is very little that compares with education. Education in modern times is the “learning to fish” of the time the Chinese proverb came about. NTS, in line with its CSR ethos, helped teach the kids of the man, “fishing”. With that, in a way, we paved way for a better India.